What Are You Afraid Of?

As I read the news today I am reminded of my childhood, watching the original Star Trek. They are, again, in serious danger. The guy in the red shirt begins to panic because of course, he is going to get killed. McCoy yells at Kirk, Kirk frantically searches for a solution, and Spock calmly assesses the situation and says, “Fascinating”.

There are a lot of words that could describe the world we are living in today. If were an ultrasonic alien I might arch one eyebrow and say, “Fascinating”.

But the word that gets my attention—the word that describes what I see in my friends and even in others who belong to the King is…


Everywhere I look, people are afraid. Half the social media posts ooze fear.

“They want to take away my healthcare.”

“They are going to get us into a war.”

“They want to totally open our borders.”

“They want to abolish the police and leave us in anarchy.”

“They are killing babies!”

“They are separating families!”

“This is the first step to the one-world government!”

“This is exactly how Hitler got started!”

“I’m going to lose my job.”

“I’m going to get sick and die!”

“You’re taking away my rights!”

“You’re ignoring my rights!”


Politicians have the chance to quell these fears. But they won’t. They are only interested in stoking their constituencies for votes, so they play on their fears, encouraging them to be afraid. “Vote for me, or all this will happen.” I have blogged many times on the need for people in this country to listen to one another’s fears and address them reasonably. But that won’t happen. Satan has become so successful in turning people against each other he has even enlisted servants of the King to side against others–and each other–and incite even more fear.

But this blog isn’t about the world around us. This blog is about disciples of Jesus and how we can live out the essentials of spiritual health.

As one of my mentors used to say, “So what?”

Disciples of Jesus do not live in fear of anything in this world (Matthew 10:28; Matthew 10:31; Romans 8:15 to name a few sources supporting that statement). We know that this world is already doomed. It is going to be destroyed. Yes, America, the American system, its economy, all the THINGS that we have and have come to desire, will be destroyed. We know this!

So, why are so many of us living in fear?

I suspect it is because we haven’t let go of these things, and we know that we haven’t fully embraced our role as ambassadors, temporarily stationed here by the King.

So, if we are not to fear, what should be our response?

First and foremost, faithfulness to our sovereign. Let every thought, every word, every action be something we can present to Him in worship!

Second, rather than stoking the fears, we should heed the King’s words: “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Be the bridge between people who are so far apart. Help the right see that the left has legitimate concerns and vice versa. Help  the left communicate to the right that they don’t mean them harm.” Help them find areas of agreement and build on them. They are there, it’s just that no one is talking about them.

Finally, be willing to love—in your words, your tone, your actions—those with whom you disagree. Repent of partisanship and being caught up in the cares of this world. Love your neighbor, and if it comes to it, love your enemy. This is the command of our King.

Know Jesus, Be Faithful. He’ll do the rest.

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