Spiritual Health Assessment

Our Spiritual Health Assessment, assessing nine elements of spiritual health, has been in use for many years in paper form providing Christian individuals and church leaders an objective and accessible means of assessing a person’s spiritual health, and offering guidance on how to strengthen that health while maintaining areas where they are already strong. The Essential Faith Project is now bringing our Spiritual Health Assessment to the digital world as a web-based tool that can be used by individuals, couples and churches.

What does The Spiritual Health Assessment provide...

The individual user? An assessment of where they are spiritually strong, where they need to become stronger and how they can build that strength in their lives.

Marriages? An assessment of their spiritual strengths and areas for growth as a couple, in addition to where they each are individually. This gives them the ability to ensure they are practicing the essentials that make a strong Christian marriage.

Pastors, church leaders and Christian counselors? An understanding of the spiritual health and strength of individuals and couples they are working with. This allows these leaders to ensure the people they are working with have the spiritual strength to do what they are asking of them.

Christian leaders? Data providing the average scores of individuals and marriages in their congregation or organization, giving them the ability to assess ministry effectiveness and plan teaching and training for their leadership and people.

We're making this affordable.

The Spiritual Health Assessment is affordable for all to use. Individual users can subscribe for one year for $9.95, add their spouse at no extra charge and use the assessment as many times as they like during the subscription year.

Couples who sign up together can both use the assessment and take the marriage assessment as well, again as many times as they wish during the year—all for the same subscription fee.

Churches and Christian organizations can sign up as participating ministries and collect data from those in their congregation who choose to allow it.

Churches can sign up for free, or choose to pay for a number of users, reducing the per user cost depending on the number of users designated.

Church Licenses

Starts at $99.95 / per Year

  • 10 users: $99.95 per year
  • 25 users: $239.95 per year
  • 50 users: $449.95 per year
  • 100 users: $799.95 per year
  • 250 users: $1,874.95 per year
  • 500 users: $3,499.95 per year
  • 1,000 users: $5,999.95 per year