Video Summaries

At the Essential Faith Project we believe discipleship isn’t about entering or finishing a program. It is about becoming the spiritually strong and healthy person Jesus created us to be. In this video we introduce The Essentials of spiritual health so that the viewer can understand the life Jesus wants him/her to live.

Individual Worship

Practicing the Essentials can become mechanistic—even legalistic—if we don’t practice individual worship. This video explores our relationship with Jesus, and what happens in our life as we present every thought, word and action to Him as worship.

Corporate Worship

Most people understand worship to be “going to church”—attending a worship service.  This video shows us that corporate worship isn’t just being present with others in the body of Christ for worship, but truly participating in each aspect of worship as part of that body.


Prayer isn’t just presenting our wish list to God.  In this video we explore prayer as the constant communication with God, sharing every aspect of our life with Him.  As we go deeper, we realize that communication is two way, and we also need to shut down and just listen to what He is telling us.

Bible Study

Bible study is more than reading or hearing a passage of the Bible.  In this video we explore Bible study as answering three questions: What does it say?  What does it mean?  And, So What?

Internal Service

Jesus told us that the greatest among us would be the servant of all.  In this video we explore how Jesus shocked his own followers to set the right example for serving each other in the body of Christ.

External Service

Jesus cannot be selfish. In this video we explore how the body of Christ reaches outside itself to serve those who do not know Jesus.


Jesus sought out those who no other teacher would even talk to.  We need to reach out as well, but this video shows us that we need relationship with mature Christians as an anchor to insure that we have someone in our lives with whom we can be totally honest spiritually.


Tithing is part of the Mosaic Law, which the Bible says is not binding on Christians. In this video we explore the simplicity of tithing and the joy of developing a lifestyle of giving.

Sharing Your Faith

“Sharing Your Faith” calls to mind evangelistic programs and approaches.  We all need to be ready to share the gospel with the unbeliever, but this video explores how sharing our faith is larger than that, and can be a natural and encouraging process for all of us.

Dr. Randy Christian leads the project.

Whether it's an invitation to speak at your church or a conversation over a cup of coffee, I can’t wait to share how we can help you be a healthier, more faithful you.
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