About Us

The Essential Faith Project assists churches and Christian organizations in making, assessing and strengthening disciples of Jesus. Our primary tool is our Spiritual Health Assessment which profiles a person’s level of spiritual well-being across 7 essential domains.

Dr. Randy Christian leads the project.

Whether it's an invitation to speak at your church or a conversation over a cup of coffee, I can’t wait to share how we can help you be a healthier, more faithful you. Want to learn more about Randy?

Yes, we're trying to be different on purpose.

We exist to support the Church. We support and serve both congregations and individual Christians and couples who make up the Church. Our focus is discipleship. We are not against growth in terms of numbers. We assist churches of any size to fulfill the great commission – to make and grow disciples of Jesus. We provide tools and resources that can be used by churches and individuals in support of or in conjunction with existing curriculum and/or programming.

Training for local pastors and church leaders in how to maximize their discipleship efforts and coach others in their growth process.

Audio & Video materials for use by churches, church leaders, individual Christians and couples in their pursuit of spiritual growth.

Written materials, available digitally and in hard copy, to strenghten and support disciples in the church.

Fully online and mobile Spiritual Health Assessment App.

This has been a long time in the making.

The Essential Faith Project is now approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non profit organization (all donations are retroactive to February 15, 2019). Those who want to contribute but need to know their gift is tax deductible may now contribute.