How to Pray

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Prayer is simply communicating with God.

There are several words in the New Testament for prayer, each emphasizing a specific aspect of communication with God. Join Dr. Randy Christian from the Essential Faith Project as he walks you through an introduction to prayer and four lessons on how to pray.

Here's what you can expect from your course over five lessons with video and downloadable assets. Once your purchase, you will have access to the materials for the life of the course.

  1. An Introduction to Prayer
  2. What is Prayer?
  3. How to I Pray?
  4. Listening to God.
  5. Questions and Problems.

Watch this video to learn more!

Included with the course is a PDF download that will help you process the course materials and video. As you view each video, take out the handouts as they are introduced and use these to follow along and take notes as you desire. Then, when you have completed each video, complete the Response and Processing section for that video before beginning the next video.