The Essential Faith Project is a Christian Ministry that relies on donations as well as user fees in order to accomplish our mission. We are an approved 501c3 nonprofit, which means your donations are tax deductible.

What happens when you donate?

When you donate, you help us continue to:

  • Offer the Spiritual Health Assessment to individuals, churches and Christian organizations. The Spiritual Health Assessment provides a clear path for individuals and marriages to become spiritually healthy and offers church leaders a unique tool for assessing the health of individuals and marriages in their congregation.
  • Produce and offer affordable online courses such as “How To Study The Bible” to enable Christians to become spiritually healthy by being faithful to the King!
  • Provide a library of teaching videos on YouTube on many different topics related to discipleship—all free of charge to the viewers!
  • Produce written resources such as The Essentials of Spiritual Health (available now) and The Every Day Disciple (available this fall), as well as pdfs on many subjects related to living as a disciple of Jesus, to help people understand discipleship and spiritual health!
  • Provide consultation, guidance and training to local church leaders to help them understand discipleship and develop discipleship strategies that fit their people!

Your donations help us to pay operating costs, contractors fees, production costs and personnel costs. The fees we charge are very low because we want these resources to be affordable to those who need them. Your donations not only make this possible, but allow us to commit to providing these resources even to those who cannot afford the fees.