Am I Who I Think I Am?

What we have described as Individual Worship (Romans 12:1-2; Colossians 3:17) happens 24/7/365—or it doesn’t.

If it does, it prepares us and deepens our relationship with the King.

If it doesn’t, it betrays a split loyalty between the King and the world. The things we say and do tell the world our faith isn’t real—perhaps all faith is unreal. It says there is no need to take us seriously if/when we talk about the gospel. And it shows that the likelihood that we actually share the gospel with others is low anyway.

They know we’re liberal or conservative. They know we’re Republican or Democrat. They know if we’re maskers or anti-maskers. They know our favorite restaurant and how much wine, beer, or whiskey we drink.

But, do they know we’re Christian?

Are we Christian?

Jesus told the story of the sheep and the goats as a warning. His listeners all assumed they had an “in” to the Kingdom of Heaven. In fact, they probably thought, as many do today, that they had an “assurance” of their status. Jesus responded by stating that there are sheep and goats in the Church, and they won’t be separated until He separates them. The goats, who do not belong to Him, fit in with the sheep so well that only Jesus, the Great Shepherd, would be able to separate them.

And when He did, no one would be more surprised than the goats!

They weren’t trying to infiltrate the body of Christ. They honestly thought they were part of the Kingdom. But they weren’t.

The story is intended to leave the hearer wondering. Am I a sheep or a goat? Am I part of the kingdom or not? The answer? Look at what Jesus said about how the sheep could be distinguished from the goats. They practiced individual worship by seeking to obey Jesus’ commands—specifically regarding how to treat others. If that doesn’t describe you, repent! Until the great separation, goats can choose to become sheep!

Jesus’ listeners didn’t all rush to repent. Many of them were probably part of the mob that called for His death. Jesus had betrayed them by not saying what they wanted to hear.

We need to ask ourselves who best describes us in Jesus’ story. Are we sheep, or are we goats?  We need to make that assessment on the basis of what Jesus said, not what we think or feel.

Disciples of Jesus don’t spend a lot of time worrying about this. They are too busy showing their love for the King by obeying His commands.

Know Jesus and Be Faithful!

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