Thanksgiving is Part of Being a Disciple

Today, some of us look at our lives and are overwhelmed with the blessings for which we are grateful. Others struggle with the year and find themselves working to name what they are thankful for on Thanksgiving day.
I am both of these.
Gratitude is a matter of perspective. We live in a fallen world, and we are the cause of that fall, so of course, there are many things we find difficult–or worse. But God has done so much for us–He has forgiven us. He has offered us a new life, as new, changed people! He has provided us with others to whom we belong. And He has promised us eternal life–a word that not only denotes unending time but quality as well.
Gratitude is a matter of what we focus on–and a realization that God is not to blame for the bad things I experience, but He is the source of the good things.
Disciples of Jesus know these things. We don’t always feel them, but we know them, and our faith is not built on what we feel.
I hope today that you were able to celebrate even in the midst of the uncertainty we are living in today. But more importantly, I hope that you are able to continue each day with gratitude, and focus on what God has given each of us even though we are fallen.
Let me add that I am grateful for each of you, and especially for those of you who have supported and encouraged me in the work of the Essential Faith Project.
Know Jesus, and Be Faithful!

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