How to Study the Bible Course


How To Study The Bible is a six session video course designed to give you the basic tools you need to effectively study the Bible. Paul tells Timothy to exert effort in order to show that he is a skilled craftsman able to handle the tools of his trade. The Bible is one of the primary tools God has given us so that we can understand what is true, what actions are right, and how to train as a disciple of Jesus!



Here’s what you can expect from your course over six lessons with video and downloadable assets. Once your purchase, you will have access to the materials for the life of the course.

  1. An Introduction to Bible Study
  2. An Overview of the Bible
  3. Bible Translations
  4. Bible Study Resources
  5. Principles For Understanding the Bible
  6. The Bible Study Process

Included with the course is a PDF download that will help you process the course materials and video. As you view each video, take out the handouts as they are introduced and use these to follow along and take notes as you desire. Then, when you have completed each video, complete the Response and Processing section for that video before beginning the next video.


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