Let’s stop seriously blowing it!

I believe this is the first time I have posted the same post on The Essential Faith Project’s blog as on my personal blog: FaithFootprint. I probably won’t do it often, if ever again. But this is what is on my heart, and I believe it is at the heart of discipleship in America.

Here we go again.

I’ve written these things so many times I am going to try to make this one short.

  • The world isn’t coming to an end because Trump lost the election (yes he did).
  • The world isn’t entering Utopia because Biden won the election (yes he did).
  • Right wing and Left wing people in the US are the problem. Everyone needs to quit villainizing, shut up, and listen. When you have a conflict with someone, seek an answer to their concern before telling them your opinion. It doesn’t matter whether you feel like doing that or not. If you DON’T do it, the pendulum swing from crazy right to crazy left will continue.
  • Regardless of what happens in the US, the US will be done away with. So, while doing what we can for people today, we need to keep our eye on what is important–eternity.
  • Those of us who claim Jesus as our King need to start acting–and talking–like it.
    • If people know us more for our politics than our King, we have seriously blown it.
    • If people have heard us speak about America (or Trump or Biden) but not about the gospel, we have seriously blown it.
    • If people have to be told we are “people of faith”, we have seriously blown it.
    • If we ask about someone’s politics before we ask about their eternity, we have seriously blown it.
    • If we mock, put down, villainize or otherwise look down on people for whom Jesus died, we have seriously blown it.

Let’s stop seriously blowing it.

Know Jesus, Be Faithful.


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