Our mission is to assist the Church in making, assessing and strengthening disciples of Jesus

That's why we made the Spiritual Health Assessment for you.

Individuals, couples, churches and Christian organizations use our Spiritual Health Assessment to measure their spiritual well-being and monitor their progress, as they seek to grow and strengthen their faith. This begins with completing a brief questionnaire which generates a Spiritual Health Profile. Each Profile is accompanied by strategies the person or couple can use to maintain their strengths while growing in each of the 7 essentials necessary for a spiritually healthy life and vibrant faith.

Have ever wondered how to study the Bible?

Our new course was made just for you.

How To Study the Bible is a six session video course designed to give you the basic tools you need to effectively study the Bible. Paul tells Timothy to exert effort in order to show that he is a skilled craftsman able to handle the tools of his trade. The Bible is one of the primary tools God has given us so that we can understand what is true, what actions are right, and how to train as a disciple!

Want to learn about a specific subject?

You can continue to learn more about various categories as they relate to your overall spiritual health on our blog or search for a specific tool that meets your needs from our shop with easy to use downloads.

religious concert performed by a band on stage

Discipleship and Racism–Where Does Jesus Stand?

In the past few months, I have been called both a fighter for justice and a racist (that part not to my face), both based not on what I believe, what I say or what I do, but on whether I am willing to support…

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gray whale underwater

How Do I Know What To Do?

What Does God Want Me To Do? Most of us have asked that question, some of us many times. Does God want me to take this job? Does God want me to go on this trip? Should I buy this car? Does God want me…

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These are just three of our top products found in the shop, helping Christians become a healthier you.

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