How Should A Disciple of Jesus Vote?

As we approach Election Day, everyone knows this is a very contentious and divisive time—probably the most polarized the US has been in 50 years. It is understandable, then, that so many are asking “How should a disciple of Christ vote?”. In fact, I am more troubled by the fact that more are not asking this question. I suspect there is a link between why that is, and the answer to the question!

Since the second century Christians have often been pulled between loyalty to their country and to our Savior and King. However, no one who truly follows Jesus can allow such a conflict to exist. There are not competing priorities. There is only faithfulness to the King.

That said, we are not precluded from utilizing circumstances to further the Kingdom and our mission for the Kingdom. Paul was a Roman citizen and he used that citizenship whenever he could to further his mission for the King. If he cared about the Roman Empire at all, he apparently simply trusted that whatever was best for the Kingdom would be best for the Roman Empire. He experienced no confusion of loyalty.

Taking this scriptural insight as our guiding example, disciples of Jesus need to discipline themselves to stop asking questions like “What would be best for our economy?”, “How do I preserve my freedoms?” or “What is best for America?”. America is a worldly state that will be destroyed by God. It is not and cannot be the priority of a faithful follower of Jesus.

Instead, our questions should be about the Kingdom—our true country. We need to ask questions like,

“How can I vote in such a way as to further the Kingdom?”.

“What vote would honor our King?”

“How can I vote to maximize my ability to represent our King to those around me?”

It is entirely possible that disciples will ask these questions and come up with different answers. However, I have noticed that those who argue with my positions (well documented in earlier posts and blogs) seem to do so not by arguing that their positions are better for the Kingdom, but by attempting to use scripture to justify behaviors focused on what is best for the US, the economy, court decisions, etc.

These are not the same as “What is best for the Kingdom, or for our mission?”!

Those who follow Jesus need to stop asking what is best for America and start asking what is best for the Kingdom!

For those who follow Jesus and are still going to vote, I suggest you simply ask those questions and vote accordingly. If, like me, you have already voted, I encourage you to remember that differences over worldly political views are not excuses to treat other followers of Jesus—or for that matter, unbelievers—in any way other than that which would fulfill Jesus’ command to love. To paraphrase Paul, we cannot allow worldly political leanings to harm those for whom Jesus died!

More than ever, it is important that we

Know Jesus and Be Faithful!

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  1. Randy Williams on November 5, 2020 at 2:27 pm

    You hit the nail on the head. I have tried talking to many of my brothers and sisters in Jesus who due to “social justice, etc.” are involved in or support violent protests, rioting, looting and more as a reactionary response to the prez until change happens. That does not further the kingdom. Their voting follows some non-kingdom tenets as well. I pray continually. The addage of WWJD truly applies here. Godly morals and responses coupled with ethics. God is in control. Thank you for that reminder that this nation and all nations will be destroyed one day. It is the individual believers who stand with God who will live eternally with the Father, comforted.

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