Pro-life and Pro-Abortion: Can we talk?

This has been a very divisive issue since long before the Roe-Wade decision. And while I believe we should all be talking about it and struggling with it, the fact is, virtually no one is talking to anyone they don’t already agree with (I’m not counting talking—or yelling or typing AT each other!). So, I’m…

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Assumptions Can Be Spiritually Dangerous

woman exercising indoors

We’ve probably all been burnt by making assumptions—about health, our cars, our houses, our jobs, our relationships. When we assume everything is all good without checking on it, we can get into serious trouble. 20 years, two knees and two hips ago I was a runner. I loved being in the forests of the Northwest…

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What is Grace?

person showing brown gift box

My first hospital visit in my first full-time ministry was to a man in his 70s who had been a Christian literally twice as long as I had been alive. He had been transferred to a hospital in our city from a small town clinic 100 miles away with a heart condition that required open-heart…

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We Need To Get Our Heads In The Game!

man in red long sleeve shirt and blue denim jeans wearing red hat standing on the near near near near

We Need To Get Our Head In The Game I am a Cornhusker fan. A loyal, lifelong, Cornhusker fan. For those of you who follow college football, you know that is a hard thing to say these days. Twice in my life, I remember the Nebraska Cornhuskers playing at a level that would rival the…

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Discipleship and Racism–Where Does Jesus Stand?

religious concert performed by a band on stage

In the past few months, I have been called both a fighter for justice and a racist (that part not to my face), both based not on what I believe, what I say or what I do, but on whether I am willing to support a specific movement. So, as I write this, let me…

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How Do I Know What To Do?

gray whale underwater

What Does God Want Me To Do? Most of us have asked that question, some of us many times. Does God want me to take this job? Does God want me to go on this trip? Should I buy this car? Does God want me to marry her? Am I supposed to move? While we…

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Can We Really Just Let Go and Let God?

brown wooden blocks with number 6

We’ve all heard it. When you’re experiencing problems in your life, as a Christian, you should just “give it to God”. Lost your job? Give it to God! Your wife left you? Turn it over to Jesus! Struggling with how to deal with your diagnosis of cancer? Let go and let God! Sounds good. The…

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Is Doubt Really That Bad?

man in gray crew neck shirt with brown hair

Most disciples admire people of faith. I get that, and I suppose I do too. But my real heroes are people of doubt. You see, I’m not some spiritual giant, able to walk into the lion’s den and smile at them. I hope I would be faithful, but I know myself, and I know my…

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Who exactly are we disciples of?

lion roaring on top of mountain during golden hour

I was once in a prayer group with a guy who started with something like: “Dear Lord God Jesus Holy Spirit Savior…”. He didn’t seem to know who he was talking to. Of course, he knew he was talking to God, but who exactly is that? If we want to be legalistic, we are to…

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What Happened To Evangelism?

white Good News Is Coming paper on wall

Those who have been watching the developments in the US and the American Church during the COVID isolation and the political polarization of 2020 (obviously starting much earlier) are talking a lot about how to do ministry and what the post COVID approach of the Church should be. There are dozens of articles, blogs, and…

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